From 2023 TAIN DOUBLE PUSH, we will develop our first collaboration collection with the historic PLAYBOY! !
PLAYBOY is a lifestyle brand that started as a magazine in 1953.
PLAYBOY's logo, the rabbit head, is a symbol of sophistication and playfulness.
More than half a century later, the rabbit head remains one of the most recognizable brand logos in the world.
We have released a total of 11 TAIN DOUBLEPUSH collaboration items based on PLAYBOY's worldview and graphics! !
The lineup includes standard items such as cut-and-sews and sweatshirts, as well as house collections such as checked shirts and gowns.
Please take a look at the first collection of collaboration in 2023, which is the Year of the Rabbit.
[T-shirts] 3 types in total We have released 3 types of newly designed graphic design short-sleeved T-shirts and long-sleeved T-shirts.
PLAYBOY with the motif of PLAYBOY's representative rabbit head. × TAIN 's edgy worldview has been incorporated into the graphics.
A characteristic of TAIN is that it is reversible and can be enjoyed on both sides.
*Color: BLACK, WHITE 2 colors

[Sweat] 4 types in total Released 4 types of CREW SWEAT, HOODIE, SWEAT PANTS with collaboration graphics.
The motif is the rabbit head that represents PLAYBOY. The edgy worldview of PLAYBOY x TAIN has been incorporated into the graphics.
You can also enjoy it as a set by combining TOPS and BOTTOMS.
*Color: BLACK, RED 2 colors

[Check] All 4 types
A total of 3 types of checked shirts, checked pants, and checked gowns will be released with the motif of PLAYBOY's signature rabbit head.
You can also wear it as a set by combining TOPS and BOTTOMS.
You can also enjoy it as a coat by wearing the gown over a hoodie.
It can be used as loungewear or street wear.
*Color: RED, BLUE, GREEN 3 colors

[Outer] Type 1
The edgy graphics of PLAYBOY x TAIN have been boldly arranged with full embroidery and incorporated into MA-1.
It is reversible, and the back side has a checkered pattern based on red.
*Color: BLACK, GRAY 2 colors